Hobby Reboot

Want to reboot your singing hobby?  I can help.

Often when we are young, we have many singing opportunities in school.  We sing in the school or church choir or in a high school musical and discontinue the hobby during our adult life.

I have taught many students who wish to reboot their singing hobby.  I teach adults who want to explore their voice, either for their own pleasure, or in the karaoke bar, or in a local musical or choir.

The voice is resilient, flexible, and can bounce back and return to an earlier state.  Given the right exercises and songs, I have always been amazed that a 50 year old can sound like a 20 year old singer.

I relish the pure joy when an adult student discovers they can sing well and easily after many non-singing years!

When attending a lesson in Amsterdam with my beloved teacher Paul, I heard a tenor in his studio and thought, “what a lovely light young voice”.  When the student exited the room I was struck by his age (in his 70’s) and the sound he was producing.  When discussing this with Paul, he said, “a voice can remain young and flexible if used everyday in a healthy way”.

To this day, 20 years later, this never left me and neither has my young voice!

If you have a secret wish to reboot your singing hobby, don’t wait for tomorrow, give a few lessons a try.  You may discover that singing gives you a focus and joy which was waiting in the wings!