My Services

Skype Lessons available by request!

Singing Lessons:  45 minutes or 1 hour
– I believe that anyone can sing.  I am not guided by a certain vocal technique, but by a desire to help the student discover his/her own technique through concentration on breathing, posture, pronunciation, musicality etc. I am less concerned with what style you choose to sing, but how you are singing. From Jazz to Classical to Musical Theatre to Rock and Roll, all styles are welcome.

Singer Songwriters
– I have taught many singer songwriters.  And can help you make the most of your songs, choose the key which is right for your voice, and assist you in moving from a song writer to a performer, staying deeply engaged in the lyrics from a performers perspective.

Royal Conservatory / Kiwanis Festival preparation
– I have assisted many students in preparing for their Royal Conservatory examinations, choosing the right grade, preparing theory, scales and repertoire.  I have also prepared many students entering musical theatre, classical, pop, and folk classes for the Kiwanis Festival of Music.

Audition (any genre) preparation
– I have prepared many students for both university vocal auditions and musical theatre school (triple threat) auditions with a large success rate!  I have quite a few students active in classical, musical theatre, and jazz careers.

Opera or musical theater role preparation
– As a singer I have prepared many roles in opera and musical theatre.  My mentors believed that a singer must inhabit a role both technically and from an actor’s prospective.  The ultimate calling for any singer is to have a perfect balance between great singing and great acting!

Warm ups for performers
     – Warm ups before any performance are essential to a singers longevity!  As a short term goal, I can help you  craft a vocal warm up routine which starts with short exercises which focus on gaining contact with the body.  From there you can progress to long, fast and high work outs which give the voice flexibility and range guaranteeing that your voice will be in the best position to withstand the rigors of multiple performances.

Performance practice – connect to your soul and the audience
     – As a performer of 30 years I believe the job of the singing artist is to reach into the soul and share intense feelings with an audience.  Through imagery, the use of all your senses, and a deep connection to the text, I can assist you in gaining a profound connection with your audience.

Contemporary Singing Interpretation
– For singers who wish to explore and/or specialize in contemporary classical music and improvisation, I can share my knowledge of this field and help you sing new music in a healthy way, ensuring that you are both technically safe and emotional connected to this exciting art form.  To hear more, go to my website:

Public Speaking
     – For those who need assistance with speaking in public with a healthy, robust voice, I can help.  I can also assist you in preparing and presenting your material with confidence through breathing exercises, proper posture, pronunciation, and the use of a clear resonant voice.  I can also give you breathing exercises which will slow your heart rate and decrease anxiety before your public speaking engagements.